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Family Tree Results-April-17-2008: Results (xls)

Y-DNA Results:
The latest update of the Y-DNA Results (18 Jan 2008) is posted in the files at on the project web site at
http://www.myfamily.com Request access to this web site by emailing Charlotte Broun at charlottebroun@iprimus.com.au

This Y-DNA Masterbase contains over 2100 Y-DNA results. The Scottish DNA Masterbase includes both the Family Tree DNA results and results from numerous other sources that are sent to us.

Family Tree DNA Testing Program:
The Family Tree DNA alone has over 1000 results posted. Our project is now in the Top 5 of all projects listed at Family Tree DNA. I haven't counted the total number of tests and the upgrades orders, but it has to be one of the largest in the total DNA tests completed.

The results of the Family Tree are beginning to show some results from DNA matches. We will post these results to the www.myfamily.com web site for everyone. But a summary shows:

Unique Haplogroups:

  1. YDNA-12 Markers
    486 Results with over 70% having a 12/12 match with others
    Top is 32 exact unique match
  2. YDNA -25 Markers
    674 Results with 94 having a 25/25 exact match with others
    Top being a group of 8 exact unique match.
  3. YDNA-37 Markers
    646 Results with 12 having a 37/37 match with others
    Six pairs of 2 unique exact unique match
  4. YDNA -67 Markers
    273 Results with 4 exact unique match with others
    2 groups of 2 matching. (many with less than 3 genetic distance)
New Software Analysis:
We've added two new Software programs (DNA-PAT & TNG). They are both on the server at:

These will provide some useful data and are also for your use to post family trees to compare paper documentation and to assist in analyzing your own DNA match.
Note that you need to establish a user name and password for each software program. Everyone is welcome to use this software by merely registering and requesting a username.
This is provided as a  free service by the Scottish DNA project. Access to these programs is at :

Analysis using the Master Database:
The Master Database is a "split screen" version of the Scot DNA Results that we receive. You can remove the split screen by merely going under the  Tabs on the top and remove the splits screen.
To determine if there is a potential match ...you merely:

  1. Add your specific DNA results in line 16
  2. Scroll the screen to each DNA entry to compare the results.
There is also the capability of using the arrows to set a particular group of test scores in the box and that will then bring up all tests that match that particular setting. Charlotte Broun gets the credit for this particular creative method :-).
Be careful to note that you are then rearranging all the results entries so only change one DYS setting at a time to compare results.

MtDNA Status:
There are also now 313 results in the MtDNA database. This will be posted on the My Family web site.

DNA Results from Other Projects:
Some of you may also have results from other Labs or other Clan and Surname projects and also want to be included in this database.
Send your test results to Alasdair MacDonald at
scottishdna@strath.ac.uk or to Marsha at: rms71@suddenlink.net
She will then convert to the standard format for the Master database.

Online Video and Web Conference:
There is also a new free service for online web conferencing available to anyone as well. This provides for Power Point, Whiteboard, audio, etc. The Clans and Families can then hold a online discussion on the potential matches among their own groups and compare their ancestry directly online.
The techie people (level 5 geek please) can also create a video online that can show their results and family tree to send to other interested family members :-).
Details at
Please drop me an email to schedule this.

Main Scottish DNA Web Site:
The main website is:
www.scottishdna.net These updates will be posted there as well as links to other Clan, Family, surname DNA projects.
The software for analyzing is also hosted here.

We would also appreciate it very much if you would let other Scottish Descendants and Clan and Family members know of our group. Please feel free to forward this information or the URL to the web site: www.scottishdna.net to anyone (or any group) that you think might be interested.

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