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Welcome to the Scottish DNA Project ...


Our Mission

  • To provide DNA information for all clans and families of Scottish ancestry

  • To provide reference sources whereby individuals can find best-match DNA results and genealogy information

  • To provide education and information on genetic genealogy

Project Profile

  • The Project welcomes individuals who have a Scottish lineage on their own direct paternal (yDNA) or maternal (mtDNA) line of descent.

  • The project is now administered by the Genealogical Studies team at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland: scottishdna@strath.ac.uk

  • The Database is administered by Ali MacDonald: scottishdna@strath.ac.uk

  • Scottish DNA Project Blog our blog aims to keep participants and the wider genetic community updated in an informal manner about project news, results and developments http://scottishdna.blogspot.com/

  • The Scot-DNA mailing list scot-dna@rootsweb.com is administered by Lauren Boyd: confido@gmail.com

What to do next

  1. If you have never had your DNA tested

    There is a discounted price available. Click on the link below to begin the process for your own Family Tree DNA test www.familytreedna.com/surname_join.asp?code=R56404
    (Alternatively, test kits can now be purchased and mailed from the United Kingdom - contact alasdair@familytreedna.com


  2. If you have already tested with Family Tree DNA and wish to join the Scottish DNA Project
    go to

  3. If you have tested with another company
    send your results to scottishdna@strath.ac.uk (a copy of your test certificate is best)

  4. Check out the rest of this web site for more information. Start with How This Works


General Overview of DNA testing program and projects www.familytreedna.com

Project specifics www.familytreedna.com/public/Scottishdna/index.aspx



This is a new version of the website. It will be regularly updated with more information.

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